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Wrongful death differs from accidental death, although it is quite often mistaken as the same type of event. An accidental death occurs when an unexpected event happens. For example, a person trimming a tree in the back yard falls off the ladder and dies from the injury. A wrongful death; however, happens when a person dies as a result of a negligent action of another person or entity. If your loved one died due to the willful or negligent act of another person or business, you should speak with a Titusville or Melbourne wrongful death lawyer immediately. Under Florida law, you could be entitled to specific forms of compensation for your loss. While compensation cannot bring back your loved one, it can help you manage financially during this most difficult time.

Common causes

While wrongful death can happen due to any type of negligence, common causes include:

Any death that is the result of a negligent action, regardless of how it happened, is considered a wrongful death.

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What must be proven in court?

Florida law requires that all four of the following elements be proved to constitute a wrongful death case:

  • that a death occurred. This is easily proven with a death certificate.
  • that the death was a result of a negligent action. This information can be obtained from medical records and other evidence.
  • that the death has caused monetary difficulty to the surviving family members.
  • that a personal representative has been appointed to file the claim on behalf of the deceased.

Your Florida wrongful death lawyer will provide the court with all of the relevant information to prove that the death financially impacted the surviving family members. It could be through loss of wages and past expenses including medical and hospital bills. Your attorney will ensure that the appointed estate representative meets the court’s approval.

Who can file a lawsuit?

Florida allows the following family members to file a claim for wrongful death:

  • spouse and children of the deceased
  • parents, if the lost loved one was a minor
  • grandparents, if the minor was being raised by his or her grandparents
  • sibling, natural or adopted, if the sibling is more dependent on the deceased for financial support

Florida statutes provide different types of compensation available to the children based on their age and dependency on the deceased. It is imperative that anyone who is seeking compensation for the loss of a loved one speaks with a Melbourne wrongful death attorney as soon as possible after a tragic event. In Florida, Statutes of Limitations apply to these types of cases, and delaying the hiring of an injury lawyer could keep you from recovering what’s rightfully yours in your wrongful death case.

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