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Motor Vehicle, Plane and Boat Accidents

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While auto accidents are the most common, there are many other types of vehicle accidents that victimize thousands of Floridians each year. Aside from semi truck and motorcycle accidents, the Treasure Coast's unique landscape offers a variety of leisure activities not readily available in other parts of the country – and with those leisure activities comes the chance of mishaps and accidents. Boating and Jet Skiing appeal to the ocean enthusiasts, and because our state is a major tourist destination with a plethora of tiny airports, aviation accidents also come in to play.

RV Wrecks

RV accidents are more likely to occur in popular tourist destinations like Florida. Many senior citizens and vacationers use recreational vehicles (motor homes, travel trailers and fifth wheels) to travel around the country for sightseeing, camping and other enjoyable activities. Thus, our state sees more of these types of accidents than most others.

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Boating & Jet Ski accidents

Accidents involving boats and Jet Ski mishaps can be quite common on Brevard County's waterways. Many boating accidents are caused by inexperienced watercraft operators, drunk driving and excessive speeds. Even the most experienced Jet Skier can have an accident, whether it’s a collision with a boat, or an obstruction in the water that isn't clearly marked. Such accidents are especially prevalent in Palm Bay's Turkey Creek Inlet.

Small plane crashes

Aviation accidents can have numerous victims (crew, passengers and bystanders). Significant property damage can result from airplane crashes. Fires can leave horrible burns on victims. Plane crashes can be particularly tricky to litigate, as the FAA investigates all such accidents.

Pedestrians and bicycles

Pedestrian and bike accidents could result from poor road conditions (potholes or construction) and human error ("right-of-way" or failure to see other party). According to the Florida Motor Vehicle Crash Records Database, in Melbourne and Titusville, there are more than 100 people injured in bicycle accidents each year. Did the motor vehicle turn in front of the bicycle, or veer into a bicycle lane? For the pedestrian, simply crossing the street could be hazardous if a motorist runs a red light, is speeding and/or under the influence of alcohol.

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