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Car accidents on I-95 can be devastating. Debris in the road, ever-present highway construction crews, potholes, detours, sudden downpours, and improper lane changes are just some of the many challenges local drivers face daily. It’s not just Bevard County – Crash rates on Florida’s entire stretch of I-95 are staggering, with the NHTSA reporting that each year, roughly 1.73 fatal accidents occur for each mile of the highway in Florida. If you’re seriously injured in an I-95 auto wreck, never go it alone. You should not have to suffer for someone else’s negligence on our busy highways. Contact an experienced I-95 accident attorney at Couture Law P.A. immediately following your car crash in Melbourne or Titusville.

Freeway car accident dangers

I-95’s substantial traffic flow is dangerous to drivers ’round the clock. The congestion, coupled with high rates of speed makes for a dangerous and often deadly combination. Aggressive, frustrated or distracted drivers pose a danger even when traffic isn’t an issue. A quick glance at a smartphone, an accidentally spilled beverage or a sudden adrenaline rush can cause a vehicle to spin out of control, damaging everything – and everyone – in its path.

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Small passenger vehicles aren’t the only culprits

Passenger vehicles share I-95 with large buses and semi-trucks. In late-night hours, commercial truck drivers often increase their speed to make up time or begin to doze off due to fatigue, endangering surrounding motorists when visibility is at its worst.

Motorcyclists often speed on I-95 while attempting to navigate through very narrow spaces during traffic hours. One small miscalculation by the rider or other unsuspecting motorists could trigger a chain reaction with numerous injuries.

When maintenance workers fail to secure objects on their trucks, heavy equipment can turn into a projectile, raining down on other vehicles or causing them to swerve into traffic. The carelessness of a worker can lead to tragedy in an instant, as drivers usually have little time to react to this sudden hazard.

I-95 is most dangerous in Melbourne when…

NHTSA statistics show that more drivers are killed on I-95 during the holidays. From 2012 to present, more drivers have died on New Year’s Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, compared with any other day. While, statistically, the 5 – 6:00 p.m. commute hour is the most dangerous time to drive on the highway, NHTSA reports that there are more car accidents on I-95 on Saturdays than on any other day of a given week. August is the most dangerous month to drive on I-95 in Florida, followed by July.

An experienced car crash attorney is a must

If you or someone close to you is involved in a car, truck, vehicle, or passenger accident on I-95 in Melbourne or Titusville, let the highly experienced I-95 auto accident attorneys at Couture Law P.A. help you hold the negligent responsible for the injuries and financial burden they caused. Our firm works on a contingency basis, meaning that you don’t pay unless a settlement is reached or a verdict is secured in your favor.

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