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Each day, consumers in Melbourne, Titusville and throughout Florida purchase and use a variety of products with the reasonable anticipation that said products will do what they are supposed to do. But when they don’t, the results can be catastrophic.

Consider the case of a consumer, who, after careful research and price comparisons, purchases a particular brand of car seat for a new baby in the family. The consumer reasonably assumes that the car seat will protect the baby in the event of a car crash. But the car seat has a defect which only comes to light after a serious auto accident, seriously injuring the baby. In such a tragic, unjust circumstance, a properly litigated product liability lawsuit will determine who will pay for the baby’s costly medical treatment now and in years to come. And if that need ever arises, be sure to trust an attorney with a proven track record in winning product liability cases.


Product liability cases can be complicated in Florida, and it’s imperative for your lawyer to establish a timeline. The malfunction may have occurred due to a defect in the product’s design or a problem in the manufacturing process. It also could become defective in distribution or storage. In today’s transnational economy, a product could be designed by one party, manufactured by another, and assembled from parts acquired from countless other parties. The product may then be distributed, stored and retailed by still other parties. Any or all of them could have contributed to the product’s ultimate malfunction. The complexity lies in determining exactly who is at fault.

Fact gathering and investigation are an integral part of any product liability claim. Experiments and expert witnesses can play an important role in determining how a product may have become defective. Alternatively, if it is revealed that a product is egregiously defective, a determination could be made as to whether insufficient warnings or cautions caused the product to be unsafe for use in certain instances.

In order to successfully litigate a case, your Melbourne or Titusville product liability attorney must be prepared to skillfully navigate in a number of forums. Depending on the product(s) involved, local, state and federal laws may be breached, as well as the rules of other administrative bodies. Your lawyer must also be prepared to sift through large amounts of data to uncover relevant facts that could make a crucial difference in whether a case should go to trial in lieu of a settlement.

When consumers choose to pursue a product liability case, they contribute to the common good of the community by making the product safer for everyone.