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In 2015, the U.S. saw a sharp rise in traffic-related fatalities. In fact, the single-year increase was the sharpest in five decades. Nationally, 38,300 people lost their lives on roads and highways, and 4.4 million suffered injuries that required medical treatment. In Florida, 374,342 traffic crashes were reported, and 2,699 people lost their lives.

Brevard County – including the cities of Melbourne and Titusville – has the longest stretch of I-95 in Florida, spanning more than 72 miles. This greatly increases the chances of auto accidents over counties without such a busy thoroughfare. Given that the car insurance industry estimates drivers will – on average – file a collision claim once every 17.9 years, those who think “it will never happen to me” are on the wrong side of statistics.

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At Couture Law P.A. – a car accident law firm in Florida – we’ve seen how a person’s life can change in an instant after a car crash, and we are dedicated to helping our clients receive the financial compensation they need to put the pieces of their lives back together. Whether you have suffered minor injuries, severe trauma that landed you in the hospital or the death of a loved one, our Melbourne auto accident lawyers are here to help you recover fair compensation for your injuries and emotional distress.


Many drivers involved in car accidents make critical mistakes in the overwhelming aftermath of the crash. Your most immediate concern should be the health of everyone involved, so you or someone else should call 911 immediately. Even if your injuries appear to be minor, seek medical attention anyway. Your doctor or an emergency room physician can help determine if you have injuries that are likely to cause long-term pain and suffering – like whiplash. You likely will be contacted by the other party’s insurance company or attorneys almost immediately. It is imperative that you say nothing, sign nothing and agree to nothing until you seek the counsel of an experienced auto accident lawyer in Melbourne.


In Florida, all drivers must have “personal injury protection,” or PIP, as a component of their auto insurance policies. This law, which makes each driver responsible for his or her own medical costs and lost wages regardless of who is at fault, was enacted to cut down on auto accident lawsuits. Everyone is required to carry a minimum of $10,000 in coverage, but when serious injuries occur, this is often nowhere near enough to cover the damages incurred. Fortunately, the state allows you to file an injury lawsuit if your severe injuries meet certain criteria, which can include paralysis, brain damage, broken bones and permanent disfigurement. This is when the expertise of a skilled Melbourne auto accident attorney can make all the difference in helping you restore your quality of life.


Many auto accidents are caused by someone’s carelessness or recklessness, such as driving while intoxicated or texting and driving. Your Titusville car accident attorney’s job is to prove that the other driver’s negligence led to your serious injuries, and to recover the financial compensation you deserve for property damage, lost wages, medical expenses and emotional pain and suffering. Your lawyer will immediately get to work collecting police and medical reports, interviewing witnesses, photographing the accident scene, speaking with the other driver’s insurance company and obtaining the opinions of expert witnesses to prepare a solid case on your behalf.


For the compassion and personalized attention you deserve, contact Tara Couture and her associates at Couture Law, P.A. immediately after your auto accident so that we can maximize your chances of a swift resolution and fair compensation. Let your lawyer work to obtain the maximum payout so that you can place your focus on recovering from your traumatic injuries. Our Melbourne accident attorneys represent victims throughout Brevard County, Florida, including West Melbourne and Titusville.

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“I never liked lawyers – that is until I was involved in a serious car accident in Melbourne. When I walked into her office, Ms. Couture didn’t exactly match my mental image of a “shyster lawyer,” as people often refer to them. She was warm and welcoming. She felt my pain. She had a plan. And she helped me win a settlement that continues to floor me to this day! Thanks Tara for teaching me that lawyers CAN be decent too!”

– Rebecca Pierson